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Paws Fur Life is registered as a non-profit 501c3 organization. Our mission is to rescue Cats, Dogs, and Bunnies in Stark County 

We provide vet care as needed, vaccine, flea treat, deworm, and spay or neuter.  When the rescue is fully vetted we arrange for adoption to get them into a furever home where they can always be warm, safe, and loved.


🐾W‏e have come to a close for our first full year as a 501c3 non-profit Rescue. Actually it has been 15 months (began officially 9/25/2018) of rescuing, learning, caring, heartbreak, challenges, successes, and most of all blessings from God, our Supporters, Fosters, Friends, and Family.

🐾In just 15 months we rescued 162 Cats most have been Spayed/Neutered, felv/fiv tested, and fully vaccined. Of the 162 we found homes for 119 cats/kittens. We provided costly but needed surgeries, eye removal, tail amputation, and emergency care for 8 cats/kittens and couldn’t have done that without our supporters.
🐾We rescued 49 dogs/puppies. Many of our dogs were pulled just hours before they were to be Euthanized. Thanks to the fosters who stepped up to the occasion. We were able to provide much needed surgeries to improve the life of 3 of our dogs. We had 39 dogs adopted and paid for Professional dog trainers for 4 of our dogs which helped them learn the manners they needed to fit in a good home.
🐾We rescued 15 bunnies and 9 were adopted in loving homes.
🐾These numbers just amazes us. We struggle everyday trying to provide the best care we can. We have not always been perfect and definitely had hard and heartbreaking days. But, we look at the successes we have had and feel so blessed to have accomplished so much in a short time.
🐾We look forward to another year and promise we will always strive to do our best to save as many as we can. We thank everyone that has helped in so many ways, by donating money, supplies, time, and just facebook sharing when we are in need. Every little bit goes a long way.
🐾Happy New Year to Everyone from Paws Fur Life 🐾🎉 Looking forward to 2020!!!

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We love happy endings, please consider adopting and give our rescues their furever home.

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