Cats Available for Adoption

The kittens/cats pictured below are fully vetted, up to date on vaccines, and have been spayed or neutered.  They are ready to find their forever home.  Please browse our Adoptable Pets and if you fall in love (we know you will), click on our  PawsFurLife Cat Application for approval.

When approved, a deposit can be sent to Paypal, be sure to add in the notes what pet you are holding for adoption. 

Adoption Fee for Cats/Kittens




Parker – Male – estimated to be 2 to 3 years old. Parker spent at least a year of his life in a room all by himself. He is very loving, a little scared of noises, so would do best with an older couple or single person who just wants him to love and no one else. Parker needs to be loved forever!
Whiley – Male – estimated to be 8 years old. He had been roaming a neighborhood for a few years, making friends, and begging for his food. This summer one of his frequent stops decided to bring him indoors and let a rescue help him. We got him neutered and vetted and this adult male is the sweetest laid back cat. He sleeps a lot and just let’s all the other cats do their thing. Please consider giving While a loving forever home.
Buffy – 10 months to a year – Female
Sweet, shy, and timid


Sasha – 10  months – Female
Sweet but Shy. Very thin from getting accidentally stuck in a shed before rescue. She has beautiful markings.
Sheldon – 8 months – Male – Very
Sweet, long build body. Will be a big boy.
Cookie & Cream are around 9 months old. They are both females and are a bonded pair. Cookie is very sweet, Cream is more reserved and timid. They are an adorable bonded pair that will keep you entertained.


Stevie – Male – estimated to be 11 months old. He appears to be a drop off in Magnolia, found wondering in a corn field. He was very scared. He is still very quiet, not very playful. He will let you love him but he doesn’t ask for love. He needs the right human to give him a chance at happiness.
Milo – Male – estimated birthday 4/15/2020. Milo is a very shy boy. He was born to a feral mom and rescued from a field. He isn’t aggressive at all, just runs from affection. When you do get him at the right time he will let you hold him and pet him, its just on his terms. To the right human he could be a perfect companion. Please give Milo a chance. If you are patient and understand cats he would love to be part of your home.


Zeus – Male – birthday around 5/12/2020. He has one bad eye due to a virus when he was a kitty. He has been adopted twice, but returned due to his anxiety from the transition. He is a very sweet boy. He just hasn’t found that person that he wants to connect with. He does great at the rescue with all the cats/kitties and the humans. He would probably not do well with a dog. He doesn’t understand how a home with a human to cuddle with is a good thing, but that human is out there and you will both be best pals.




















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