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The dogs pictured below are fully vetted, spayed or neutered, and microchipped.  They are ready to find their forever homes. 

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Obie – Male – 2 yrs old – Pitt / Lab Mix






$250 Adoption Fee

Our boy Obie is ready for adoption. Obie has came so far in our rescue he was surrendered to us by a family who had neglected him with proper care . He came to us with very little hair on his bottom and tail and basically all over his body he was covered in a yeast infection and flea infested. Obie came to us also with a brother who was a dachshund he has been adopted by his foster, Obie is great with other dogs but a meet and greet is always mandatory. He is 2 years old, neutered, up to date on vaccines, and microchipped . His skin and fur has completely cleared up. He’s grown all of his fur back for the most part and he has a good bill of health now. Obie will do best in a home that is quiet with only older children ages 15 and up . He was in a home with young toddlers who tormented him and his brother and would even hit them occasionally and he has since is very weary of small children he is not aggressive but he is obviously uncomfortable around them. He is a good protective dog he does not like people barging into the home he needs slow introductions with new people. Once he knows who you are and trust you he absolutely is over the hill in love with you and will cuddle and just want to be by your side ❤️ he is great on a leash and loves going on car rides and being out in public and going on adventures and he just loves being with his family!

Here is his fosters write-up
Obie came to us broken, neglected, fearful, unsure and timid 😞 Through patience and love he has really grown into a sweet boy with excitement and confidence 👏🏼🤗
He is very mellow and low key for the most part but enjoys a good run every now and then.
His favorite thing to do is car rides 👏🏼
He is still a bit unsure meeting new people so they must go slow but after about 5-10mins he gains your trust and is a big lover 🥰
He loves cuddles and being brushed and groomed 🙌🏽
He really is very obedient and the perfect boy💝
P.s. he loves the icecream stand 🍦

This boy truly deserves the home that he has always wanted and needed he is such a sweetheart and he’s been through so much in his short lifespan of 2 years and it’s his time now to find his forever home that will care for him and love him the way he always should have been ❤️
















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