Dogs Available for Adoption

The dogs pictured below are fully vetted, spayed or neutered, and microchipped.  They are ready to find their forever homes. 

Please click on our Paws Fur Life Dog/Puppies Application Paws Fur Life Dog/Puppies Application to complete our application for adoption approval so you can take one of these beautiful pets home with you.

When approved, a deposit can be sent to Paypal, be sure to add in the notes what pet you are holding for adoption.



Gigi is a 4 year old female pit mix (Adoption Fee $200) that was going to be euthanized at Franklin county around 5 months ago due to having a severe mast cell tumor located on her front paw . We knew she still had a very high chance at living a great long healthy life , so her foster momma stepped up and we went and saved her ! ❤️ Since then Gigi has been through a lot. When we got her she was going through a lot of hormonal issues . We wanted to get her spayed the same time she had her tumor removed but we found out she was going through a false pregnancy and was even lactating 😟 She was not feeling well at all . Poor girl . So we had to go through more invasive spay which she needed a lot more down time after that. Once she got better from all that trauma , we then had her tumor removed . We couldn’t get all of it due to the position and placement on her paw so we had to watch her closely after that procedure as well . She was on a lot of bed rest . She then became a bit overweight and once she started feeling better and was off bed rest we started her on a weight management process and … Well… She’s FINALLY READY FOR HER FOREVER HOME 🐾🎉🥳💃🎊🎉🐾
This girl is such a couch potato lol but she does love her occasional walks and play time and really likes trying to catch those pesky squirrels 😆
Gigi is looking for a home that she can call her own where it’s just her and her hoomans family . She doesn’t want to share the couch with other furchildren 
I have had the pleasure to watch this girl, that was at first timid, standoffish and needing a lot of decompression time, blossom into a sweet loving companion that prefers some cuddle time each evening. She also enjoys walks or playing with a ball or stick in the yard. Shes the perfect combination of cuddles and active dog, willing to do either at any time. She has had some surgeries while with me but is now completely healed and back to full activity level.
She likes being covered up with her blanket at night to fall asleep and then will wiggle out from under it and commando crawl over to give you morning kisses.
She is completely housebroken and has not had to use the cage when left home alone lately.
She is going to make a lucky someone an absolutely amazing companion.❤️