Rabbits Available For Adoption

To be approved for one of our **Bunnies please click on our
Paws Fur Life Rabbit Application submit for approval.

When approved, a deposit can be sent to Paypal,  be sure to add in the notes what pet you are holding for adoption.

Bunnies not spayed or neutered – Adoption Fee – $40

Bunnies Spay/Neutered Adoption Fee – $60

**Applications will not be approved if Bunnies will be used for 4H or Breeding.  We only adopt bunnies to families that want a bunny as an indoor pet, and has had experience with bunnies. 

Adoption Fee – $60.00 Ollie is a 2 yr old Neutered Male He is very shy. He needs a patient owner that can spend one on one quality time with him. He is bonded with his favorite stuffed animal
Once a week I take the girls outside and tear down their entire playpen area, I clean up all the corners or any chewed up bits of the protective plastic and vacuum their carpet and do a full change out of their litter box . I LOVE the end result , cleanest most happy buns in all the land 🏰 . The girls got their nails trimmed today and are doing very well with it ! I just hold them on one arm and clip with the other hand. I’m so proud of these sweeties and how far they have come. They dont run away from me anymore and they dont freak out as bad when I pick them up like they did at first. I hand feed them snackies and treats and give them lots of love. These bunnies will make one lucky family very happy for a very long time. ❤ You can tell they are so greatful to finally feel safe and loved and never go without. To adopt these sweet girls fill out an application for Violet and Lavendar. They are very bonded so they have to go to their new family together

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